Finding a graduate health worker through the University networks

The Local Health District had created a specific Aboriginal Health Research Officer position for a Graduate Health Worker in order to better understand the region's health needs and make sense of the Close the Gap data and reporting requirements.

This required analytical skills. However, after almost six months of advertising online, in local papers, in Aboriginal press, even doing an interview on local radio … there were no applicants!

The funding allocation was due to be renewed and if there was no prospect of filling the role it would likely be lost. Nor would it be easy to justify repeated rounds of advertising if there was no realistic hope of results.

  • One of the Aboriginal health team heard about the predicament and suggested that the research area directly contact the major universities.
  • Several of these universities had Aboriginal student units and a few others had specific Aboriginal health research and analysis courses.
  • One of the universities sent out a notice of the position to its network, including an informal Facebook post by one of the network members.
  • After a few weeks the manager of the advertised position received a call from a person who had seen the Facebook post who was interested in the role.

The grapevine had worked!