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Find a job

There are a range of places to look for job opportunities in NSW Health.


NSW Health Jobs: NSW Government's online recruitment system

All positions advertised across the NSW Local Health Districts and other NSW Health organisations are placed on the electronic recruitment system NSW Health Jobs NSW Health Jobs is the NSW Government's online recruitment system and is the central employment portal for NSW Public Service agencies which includes the Ministry of Health.


NSW Health recruitment campaigns and initiatives page

Jobs and training opportunities may be advertised on NSW Health's recruitment campaigns and initiatives page


Print media

Relevant print media, for Aboriginal targeted, or identified positions this may include the Koori Mail and National Indigenous Times.


Word of mouth, social media and specialist networks

Word of mouth or through Aboriginal health contacts, social media, specialist networks local forums and professional groups

Overview of NSW Health

Many different organisations make up NSW Health. Find out more about the Ministry of Health, Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks, Pillars and other NSW Health organisations.

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tip Tip

  • Don't be afraid to look outside of your local area for employment.
  • Listen to the Aboriginal / Koori Grapevine for job opportunities in health.

reminder Reminder

Don't rely on what someone else told you about a job. Make sure you get a copy of the job advertisement and check it is still current.

Finding our health worker through Facebook

The Local Health District had created a specific Aboriginal Health Research Officer position for a Graduate Health Worker - however, after almost six months of advertising online, in local papers, in Aboriginal press, even doing an interview on local radio … there were no applicants!

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Learn about Aboriginal identified and targeted positions

There are a range of positions at NSW Health that are specifically for Aboriginal people.

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