Assessing your application

An overview of the role and responsibilities of the selection panel.

A selection panel is formed as part of the usual selection process for NSW Health recruitment. The panel has carriage of the recruitment process and is responsible for determining the most suitable applicant for the job based on information collected from applications, supporting documentation, and the results of any assessments and referee checks.

The selection panel and Aboriginal representation

The size and membership of the panel varies depending on the scope and nature of the position to be filled. This means that for recruitment to Aboriginal identified and Aboriginal targeted positions the panel will include an Aboriginal person.

Other general requirements for the panel are:

  • As a minimum the panel must have two members. One is the designated convenor and there is at least one male and female and one member must be independent
  • The independent on the panel has no direct interest in the role and it is their responsibility to ensure the recruitment process is fair
  • The independent will be someone working external to NSW Health or in a different area to where the job will be located

Change to the role of the independent

tip Tip

Panels have changed over the past few years and the independent no longer needs to be a community representative or an Aboriginal community member as sometimes happened in past recruitment.

Identifying a conflict of interest

A conflict of interest is a situation where someone is supposed to act in one way but has incentive due to money, family ties, or other reasons to act in another way.

All members of the panel are responsible for declaring any real or potential conflict of interest they may have with an applicant as soon as they become aware of it, such as a close personal relationship or previous workplace conflict.

Just knowing someone on the panel or their family is not automatically a conflict of interest, however, you should advise the panel convenor straight away if you think there is history, family business, or other issues that are relevant to disclose.

It is acceptable for a panel member to act as a referee for an applicant, particularly if they are the applicant's current supervisor but it's the responsibility of the panel member to declare this situation as soon as they become aware of it.

Any identified conflict of interest will be managed and documented appropriately, it does not automatically mean the indicated person will be taken off the panel.

reminder Reminder

You must tell the panel convenor immediately if you feel there is a conflict of interest with a panel member, don't wait until after the interview.

The selection process

The selection panel are responsible for ensuring that the recruitment process is carried out in a fair and consistent manner and that the most suitable candidate is selected for the job.

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