Applying for a job

This information will assist you to navigate through the NSW Health application process.

The application process differs slightly between:

  • NSW Local Health Districts and other NSW Health organisations and
  • the Ministry of Health

Finding out about the job

In deciding whether to apply for a job, it is important that you understand what the role is, and whether you have the right skills and experience for it.

Follow the steps to assist you find out as much as possible about the job:


Read the advertisement carefully

Access the information package for the job as it contains further details of the role and will assist you to get a better understanding of whether you want to apply.

The information package can be accessed by a link on the job advertisement. Alternatively you can request a hard copy from the contact listed on the advertisement.


Speak to the listed contact

It is always a good idea to get in touch with the contact person on the advertisement. It is a great way to find out more information about the role, whether it will suit you and get tips on what kinds of skills, knowledge, experience it might be good to emphasise in your application. This proactive approach is also appreciated by recruitment managers.


Access other information

Doing a little bit of research and finding out more about a job and the employing organisation is a great way to get a better idea of whether you want to apply for the job. It will also serve you well when it comes to writing your application and performing at interview as the inclusion of additional information will help to show your genuine interest in the role.

Good places to search for such information include:

  • the NSW Health website
  • the website of the facility or workplace where the job is located
  • state health or local health plans
  • annual reports
  • relevant articles in the media
  • other relevant health publications


Review the job context

For a better understanding of the job context and any policies that may influence the position, search the NSW Health website for relevant NSW Health policies. For example, the NSW Health Code of Conduct which all NSW Health employees are required to sign and comply with.

Applying online

You need to apply online for jobs at NSW Health. There will be a link on the role advertisement directing you to the page where you can begin your application.

You will be guided through the application process page by page. Many pages will have compulsory fields that must be completed before you can save a page or progress further.

A benefit of applying online is that you can build your profile with your CV, copies of your qualifications and credentials that can be used when applying for positions with NSW Health in the future.

tip Tip

If you delete a document from your online application, it will not be assessed as part of your application.

tip Tip

If you need any assistance or advice at any stage of the recruitment process you are encouraged to call or email your local Stepping Up representative or the contact person on the job advertisement.

Applications to the Ministry of Health

If you are applying for a position in the Ministry of Health, the first stage of the online application process is a screening for essential role requirements.

Essential requirements will be outlined in the role description and include experience, education, skills or knowledge that are deemed as critical to your successful performance in the job. This includes things such as registration requirements or required qualifications.

You will not be able to progress with the application process if you do no meet the essential requirements set for the job.

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